Warwick Road Primary School 2020

 Artist: Simon Widdop | Cummins Engineers: Levinia Matthews & Joe Thevakumar

Class Groups: Year 3 (Groups 1 & 2) |  Subject: Forces & Magnets

Session 1 March 2020 

Today, Groups 1 and 2 of Year 3 at Warwick Road explored ‘Forces’. We achieved this through two activities. The first activity was in pairs and involved creating animals with Play-doh. However, the students had to use a ‘spin chart’ to determine what type of force they could use to create their animal (push, pull, twist, squeeze). We had everything from snakes to snails to polar bears to even a clam! 

In the second activity, we split into four groups and created parachutes from string and plastic bags. Once these were completed, the students started with a small amount of Play-doh and observed how quickly it fell when attached to the parachute. They then added more and more to see how well the parachute would work with the extra weight. 

I really liked making the parachutes and watching them fall 

the experiments were really fun to do

I liked that everyone got to have a turn making things

 The class teacher said: both groups were really engaged and created fantastic work. They’ve really enjoyed the day

Session 2 – March 2020 

Today, Year 3 explored Magnets. After a class discussion of what magnets do and examples of where we can find them it was straight into four hands-on experiments. In the first one, the students went ”magnet fishing” where they used a variety of objects and different sized magnets to separate what was magnetic and what wasn’t. In the second, the students had to try ”hover” a paperclip using string and a magnet. In the third the students created ”paperclip snakes” with a mini challenge as to who could make the longest one! Finally in the fourth experiment, our Cummins Buddies helped students to identify different types of magnets and magnetic strength. 

I really liked making the snakes 

It was fun doing four experiments, I really enjoyed it 

It was cool to play with the magnets today!

I think other schools would like it because they can learn about magnets

The class teacher said:  Another great day. The students really enjoyed it, maybe even more so than yesterday! 

Session 3- March 2020 

Day 3 was our writing day at Warwick Road. Before we got started writing, the students built spider diagrams with the words ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’. From ‘stretching’ to ‘tugging, from ‘shoving’ to ‘heaving’ there were some great words shared. 

From here the class was split into four teams of six pairs and we found the meanings and examples of ‘similes’, ‘metaphors’, ‘alliteration’ and ‘onomatopoeia’. The teams were then given the prompt of ‘The Iron Child’ and used their imagination to picture the iron child’s description, what they were thinking and an action they would take. Each pair wrote two lines of each prompt. Then we used random selection to take these lines to build into a group poem of six lines. 

I really liked writing the poem

I liked using my imagination to pretend to be the Iron Child 

I learned new words 

The group has done fantastic work this morning, their writing has improved dramatically

I learned new words today

I learned how to make a poem

It was fun to make and other schools would like it

Other schools would like doing it

The group was really engaged and they’ve learned new poetic techniques

Session 4 – March 2020

Performance day! The groups began the day by reading their ‘Pair poem’ out to the rest of the groups. This was to give a small warm-up and to ease into the day. The groups were then lead through performance techniques such as posture and breathing exorcises before we dove into a group vocal warm-up. This involved mimicking the tone, volume, body language  and gestures that I did. Not only was this to warm their voices, but to also start building confidence in those that were a bit nervous 

The teams were then helped to sort a performance order, actions and performance techniques. Each team then performed their complete poem and routine to the rest of the class. 

the performance was fun

I liked performing to everyone 

Other schools would like this because they can perform

The group worked really hard and they’ve really enjoyed the work this morning 

I felt really confident 

I didn’t feel afraid to speak in front of everyone 

I liked reading out loud 

Other schools would find it joyfull to do

The group has given their best performance yet, really great work  

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