Warwick Road (Capella Group) 2019

Artist: Fiona Goodwin | Cummins Engineer: Havovy Cama

Class Group: Year 3 |  Subject: Forces & Magnets

Session 1 – March 2019

An interesting day begins in Class Capella as we’re introduced to our forces topic and the science of “Making the Invisible, Visible” by our Cummins buddy Havovy. We create our logbooks to record our findings in, these are made from just one sheet of paper! Keen to try them out we follow a sequence of experiments, exploring each one in turn.

Temporary changes: Exploring materials that revert to their natural state again after pressure using smaller cloth frames containing different materials.

Forces as movement: Imparting forces on different objects to see how easy it is to make them move or control them with fingers, our breath and on different surfaces.

Permanent changes: Using paper and stamps to understand more about impact pressure, using the same force each time, trying to be consistent.

Tool control: Learning how to controlling pressure through tonal variation using different tools from fingertip to spoon.

 “I enjoyed using pushing forces to make the booklet and used a permanent force to make the printing”

“I think using my finger on paper where you made it dark to light was fun”

“We made the invisible visible!”


Session 2 – March 2019

Focusing our afternoon session on permanent changes, we extend our investigations further, experimenting with a range of different tools to create a permanence – embossing styluses of different dimensions that will give a greater range of marks. We create further samples, substituting paper this time for aluminium foil, metallic tape and experiment on different base surfaces from hard to soft, table top, card, cotton pad. Our range of marks is different, a little harder to control but there is a greater variety. We have some fabulous results to show for our efforts and they glint as they catch the light.

“I have enjoyed making patterns on the cloth with our thumbs. I have learned how to make a book with one piece of paper. I think I am an artist because I made patterns on my badge”

“I learned how to make a book and learned pulling, pushing, twisting and rotating. I want to give today’s learning 10/10!”

“As I was doing these activities I felt like I was a scientist, I love doing these things, I’ve learnt about forces!”


Session 3 – April 2019

Following on from our earlier sessions, Havovy our Cummins engineer introduces us to the various stamping processes in industry. We discuss the methods involved and forces used through a car manufacturing process, confidently identifying how the different base shapes are created, cut-outs and profiling changes are made in metal through embossing, recognising the similarities to methods we’ve used.

We continue our explorations of materials, pressure and surfaces and gradually learn how to refine them in our Spirograph work on paper, foil and copper tape. It’s so much fun, we’re engrossed and are quick to grasp the concepts of cogs and gears, rotation and motion in the creation of our sample pieces.

‘I learnt to make a pattern with a ring and a wheel. I loved that we drew lovely designs with Spirograph’

‘If you press too hard on the paper it rips. I loved doing the practice patterns and I learnt how to control the pen’

‘I loved leaning about pushing forces’

‘I loved everything about it, I really don’t know what was the best!’


Session 4 – April 2019










Having carefully manufactured our continuous strips of copper tape so successfully we’re ready to move on now to our final pieces and with a wealth of knowledge and experience too. The copper sheet material is quite different, it’s thicker, has an amazing sound, it feels more luxurious and is in pristine condition. If we get it right it will be beautiful, but we know we’re going to have to be careful. All is quiet as we forge ahead, just the sound of cogs and gears, the wheels are in motion. As we individually complete our rotations, we’re amazed, all is well…. we did it!

It’s simply been a wonderful final session, the results are stunning and speak for themselves, come and see Change 19.

‘I’ve learnt how to be an artist and an engineer and it doesn’t have to be dirty and it can be fun. I loved it’

‘I learned that you should do this because you can do pushing forces and any other kind of forces. I feel happy when I learn new things’

‘Engineering can be fun and creative, you can make and design things’

‘This is the best day of my life! I am not happy because I am extremely elated. I also enjoyed everything about this day. Art is my best word now. Art is the best, I’ll miss you. Thank you Havovy and Fiona’