Upper Batley High School 2019

Artist: Ammie Flexen | Cummins Engineer: Callum, Vlad & Humeera 

Class Group: Year 7 |  Subject: Forces & States of Matter

Session 1 – March 2019

Our project is about our identity and how we can work together and support each other in our communities. We are exploring this through our science topic Forces and States of Matter using clay. In our first session we heard Callum (our buddy from Cummins) talk about his experiences and his inspiring life-story. Then we tried different ways of making our mark in the clay, testing tools and types of pressing and rolling forces. We even made boot prints in the clay. We thought about our final artwork and decided that we want it to reflect things that are important to us like our families and our local area.

I have learnt about different types of clay. Some are soft, some are smooth and some are red

I have done new things today such as score and slip

Today has been amazing. I have learnt new skills as I have never used clay before

I really enjoyed making my foot print on the clay

Today was very exciting, it was the best day ever


Sessions 2 & 3 – March 2019

Ammie brought her pottery wheel into school today. We all had a go at throwing a pot. Keeping the clay and our hands wet was important for the clay to move, so we worked in pairs. One of us made a pot with Ammie while our partner helped by keeping the clay wet. We discovered its harder than it looks.

We met Vlad our new buddy from Cummins who told us about his country of birth and we spent time creating our homes and our interpretation of people of Batley

The class were fascinated by the potters’ wheel, it was amazing to see their faces – excitement, anticipation and amazement. – Class Teacher

I have become inspired today by the creativity.

This is awesome, this is science!

I have learnt about the different textures of clay.

I felt happy today because I got to use a potters wheel – it was fun but messy as we had to put water on the clay to shape it.

Clay is amazing.

The nice thing about today is that we got to meet people (Ammie and Vlad) that we don’t get to meet all the time.

The potters’ wheel was fun, but very difficult. My pot felt like it wanted to fly off the wheel because it was spinning.

Session 4 – April 2019

Today was our last session, we saw the pots we made last time, joined together to make tall pots as a collaborative piece of work. Inspired by working together to achieve something and by the geometric shapes we used last week to create our homes and people we used coloured clay slips to add colour to the pots. We painted on newsprint shapes and then attached them to the pots, peeled them off and it left a mono-print on the surface. It was interesting to see how the dryness of the clay and paper and different pressing forces applied, affected how much print was left on the surface of the clay. We wanted to add some nature to our work, as its about our local environment and we used leaves as prints and stencils with the slips to create clay tiles.

I was overwhelmed by what they have achieved and created. It was lovely to see such teamwork and commitment from the group alongside the new skills they have learnt. – Class Teacher

I now feel talented in clay because I have seen what I have created become a piece of artwork.

It has been wonderful adding colours and pattern to our pots

I enjoyed watching the paper been pulled away top reveal the colour on our pots

It was amazing to see our individual pots joined together as one. I felt very proud of my achievements.

I have felt inspired in the session.

I am curious about how our work will look after it has been fired.

It was fun pressing the leaves into the clay and seeing the pattern they left behind