Session 3: 23rd March 2015


Today’s session was pretty tough. We had four large-scale mixed media drawings to complete, and each one was bigger than human scale. We brought all the techniques that we had used in previous sessions together to make imagery full of texture, pattern, tone and light and dark. The central imagery of bulbs remained from week two, but we added to these looking at negative space and creating new patterns, shapes and characters. The drawings are now dense with marks, areas of wash and pattern. We added finishing touches with Posca pens, and now look forward to seeing our work exhibited at Batley Art Gallery.

“I really enjoyed the workshop today. It was fun using the different types of pens and mark-making tools”

“We had to really concentrate today because we had to make up for lost time to get our pieces finished to a high standard”

“It was a cool session today because we finished the work and it now looks amazing. I am very proud of the work we have done. It has been enjoyable to make work inspired by light with Fabric Lenny”