Session 3: 20th March 2015


An incredibly busy and dynamic session, we got such a lot done. We watched Shelley doing more drawing demonstrating and used these ideas in our books. These are now nearly finished. Everyone helped each other to do the T-shirt printing. This was an especially enjoyable part of the morning – to actually print our own designs on something we will wear! The first time we wear the T-shirts will be in the performance that we have devised about Evolution. This is going to be very exciting too. Year 3 have worked very hard during these sessions and school is planning to make a short film with all the students talking about their part in the Timeline. Well done to all!

I enjoyed doing the printing and I love the leopard I made in polyblock. I have really enjoyed these lessons about evolution”

“Shelley, I loved everything! I loved the printing T-shirts especially today, drawing and sketching. We have had a lot of fun in our science and art and printing project”

“I liked doing the Timeline activity and it helped me see where the fossils and animals all went together in the world. I liked printing my fossil as well”

“I liked using the oil pastel and graphite and printing the T-shirts today”

“I am really excited to do our Timeline in our assembly and all wear our T-shirts for the performance”