Session 3: 20th March 2015


Today we made some drawings of birds and where they live in our locality. The forest school area has a lot of activity. We also finished our little bird prints and added more colours. T he results were really exciting. Mixing and layering the colours was new to us! The bird pictures are really lovely and have been a very engaging way to talk about the habitats and adaptations that birds and animals make. The class have really enjoyed this science project and learnt a lot, everyone has worked really hard and had so much enthusiasm!

“I have been painting and even mixing new colours today in my science project. I enjoyed dabbing the ink on with my finger to do the multi-coloured part”

“I learnt about print work and about what birds eat today. I liked doing science in art”

“I have discovered that you can make amazing pieces of art with just five things. 1 Ink, 2 roller, 3 sheet, 4 paper, 5 palette knife. I have also learnt about the different birds in our area”

“I printed birds in my science project and I learnt how to draw a blackbird. Thank you Shelley”