Session 3: 19th March 2015


So to our final session. We really don’t know where the time has gone, time flies when you’re having fun, literally! We began by revisiting the laminates we created last session, looking at their aerodynamic qualities, testing them and circulating air around our samples. We know how to get the wings to move and have sampled and discussed the construction methods that need to be used to make the final piece in the gallery. So our final part of the story was to illustrate our journey. We had fun with pen and ink, happily sucking on our lollipops – we need the sticks for part of the spinning mechanism you see – as we penned out thoughts, captured our adventures and created more beautiful, imaginative drawings. We’re really looking forward to seeing our work in another setting and coming together as a collective piece. All this from one seed – nature is truly inspiring!

“The Change project sessions have been the best lessons ever!”

“I used to think art was boring but after Fiona came in think that it is great!”

“I’ve learnt how seeds fly and the forces which affect them”