Session 3: 19th March 2015


Our final session was fabulous.  It was good to be back in the space that we started from, with the views that have inspired us in order to create the pieces that will eventually find a permanent home there.  The weather was perfect!  We were able to witness the constantly changing shifts in light quality as we faced east.  We began by responding to the A1 spontaneous drawings we’d framed in front of us, carefully tracing our designs using carbon paper to transfer them onto our palettes of marks and colours, articulating mazes of branches and tranquil billowing clouds.  This was really going to put our cutting skills to the test, as some of our shapes were really quite intricate and quite difficult to cut out, and some needed a lot of imagination as the edges weren’t clearly defined.  We quickly realised that we were able to layer surfaces in order to create the effects we were after, highlighting the subtle differences between the translucent, transparent and opaque layers we’ve experimented with.  There were some fantastic results and we finished the session with pride at what we’d achieved in the time.  There’s still some work to be done but we’re confident and happy to be carrying on for an extra week or so to get them finished.  It will be wonderful to finally see them all together again as a collection.