Session 3: 18th March 2015


This was our last session together and we had quite a challenge on to complete all the work. We all worked together and in pairs to make the set of prints which will finally hang in the ceiling on the long corridor at school. The habitat images we have printed are all part of looking at the changes animals go through to adapt to living in different places. It has been a really good way to have lots of discussions, and great ideas have been developed through the work we have done. Well done to Year 4 for working so hard!

“I drew a bog habitat on my large piece of polyblock for printing. It was very interesting and inspiring doing some of our science in the art project as well”

“I worked with my friend and our habitat was a large water droplet. We had to put all the little water creatures in it. I found it a really fun thing to do”

“We made a tree habitat picture and then it was printed. So the science project will be a big display”

“We were drawing a grassland habitat for our project. We had to research what animals live in there. We made a big print, it was quite hard and good fun”