Session 3: 18th March 2015


A busy session and the class kept a really good focus and worked hard. Well done everyone! The Organ Story books that we have created illustrate all the different functions and changes that our bodies make – everything that is happening inside our bodies as we live!   Bringing science and art together has been a really good way to think about the topic, and has prompted a lot of interest from the children.

“I finished my Organ Story today. I made a story about a Brain who comes to help someone who is stuck and doesn’t know what to do”

“It was lots of work to think about all the different bones in the body. It was a big list. We are sad as our artist Shelley will not be in next week”

“We have been finishing a big picture of all the organs in the body. We spent time putting more colours into it. The prints we did last week will be part of this as well”