Session 3: 12th March 2015


Working today in our final session there was a feeling that it had all gone so quickly, too quickly, there has been so much to learn and discover and so many materials to explore. We were keen to get started and make the most of our time as we began to look beyond the stems and focus in more closely on the heads and flowers of the plants we’ve selected. We started with simple line drawings suggesting the shapes and forms we individually needed to construct within our groups. Then we worked mainly with wire in a variety of gauges and thicknesses, making choices and decisions as we manipulated materials to re-draw our shapes. We produced some really pleasing forms that looked very similar to our drawings. We even managed to add more detail relating to the sepals and petals with carefully bound threads and fibres, creating stamens from wire filaments and tiny polystyrene spheres. Although we initially felt it to be a bit of a struggle, we persevered and began to understand and work with the materials, so we got there in the end and were able to stand back and admire some lovely qualities within our pieces. There are still some finishing touches to be made and some elements to be completed but we’re more than happy to be continuing with this over the next week or so and are really looking forward to viewing our work in the gallery.

“I’ve enjoyed learning about the different parts of a plant through art. I’ve been able to see what we’ve learned about in science in my drawings”

“I can’t wait to see my finished work!”

“When are we doing more art workshops?!”

“I really like it when Fiona comes in because we get to try things we have never tried before”

“I didn’t know you could do art with wire and so many different materials!”