Session 3: 12th March 2015


Sadly, our final session this week. We began work in earnest, all geared up for our huge team effort, combining our experiences and knowledge gathered so far. In groups we began working on three pieces to sum up our experiments on the changing states of ice and wax, which we hope to feature in the exhibition. Some of us worked on a colour-wheel wax piece using palettes of handcrafted papers created in the previous session – we loved observing the changing state of wax as we immersed our pieces into the wax pots, removing and flattening them into layered sheets as they cooled. It was a warm pleasurable experience for most as our hands got covered in it. Meanwhile another group were busy developing and refining our colour mixing skills in the creation of a large ice and salt piece on paper. The preparations and workings out took a great deal of time and care, but the final piece took just minutes to create. We loved coming together to watch the piece being created, wondering whether the colours would eventually blend and merge together as puddles of colour as we left it to dry.  This was followed by one final piece made all together, a one-pot wonder wax dish for the oven using up all our left over wax crayons, which was still melting as Fiona left. It’s been so much fun!

“My favourite part is waxing”

“I loved dipping the paper in the wax pot and feeling the warmth of it”

“Waxing and wax melted, it felt slushy”

“I love colour mixing”

“We put loads of yellow in it to make green”

“I made brighter orange with some orange and yellow and sampled some white”

“We’ve made burnt orange!”