Session 3: 11th February 2015


This was our final session and again it was a frenzy of drawing activity. We wanted to have at least one huge drawing complete by the end of the session and ready for the exhibition. We worked collaboratively with the various techniques we had used so far. We worked in full light, with light from the OHP and with just torchlight. The drawings filled the classroom. (Every time you look at the drawings you can see something new. They are crammed with fun and exciting images and patterns). We also experimented with the OHP and projected our drawings onto the classroom and on to our white shirts. We were covered in ink by the time lunch came around, some of us had soggy socks, some of us were tired, but we had all taken part in creating huge and fantastic artwork using lots of fantastic techniques, and we found out about light along the way.

“This is our lab. We have some pens, torches, pencils and water. This is where we do our experiments”

“I loved drawing on the walls and the carpet. I’ve never done that before”

“I learnt continuous line drawing, that’s when you draw without taking your pen off”

“I loved drawing faces and patterns everywhere. There were so many drawings when we finished”

“I loved working in a dark classroom and drawing everywhere. It was so much fun”

“I can’t wait to see our work in the gallery”

“I’ve learnt about light and shadows. I know how to do continuous line drawing”