Session 3: 10th March 2015


Our final session with Fabric Lenny saw us working again in pairs to complete our mixed media works on cardboard. We used Indian ink, water soluble graphite, Berol felt tip pens in a variety of sizes, wax, Sharpies and Posca Pens. Building up areas of the cardboard in pattern and creating a balance within the work between black and white proved difficult, but the characters and patterns that developed out of the shadow shapes were fun. We now have 15 large square monochrome images that will be displayed within the exhibition at Batley Art Gallery. At the end of the session we discussed the best way to exhibit the work. Some of it may be manipulated digitally and some may be projected. It’s exciting to think that our work will be part of an exhibition in the summer.

“The shapes that developed in our piece just from shadows were amazing”

“I just love those Posca pens”

“Who’d have thought black and white on cardboard could look so cool”