Session 2: 9th February 2015


Today was all about collaborative drawing mayhem, drawing with huge balls of ice and creating melt paintings with ink-filled ice cubes. We worked as a whole class on two huge classroom sized drawings, which soon became paintings and then filled with colourful puddles of ice-fuelled drippy ink. We started by drawing with our partners from session one and then expanded slowly outward as the drawings grew and linked with the surrounding drawings. We placed frozen ink cubes on A3 cartridge paper and left them to see what effect the melting process would have, and finally we made drawings with felt tip pens and then softened the lines using big balls of ice.

“The ice balls melted in my hands quicker than I could draw. It made purple and blue as it mixed with the ink”

“I loved mixing the black ice with the blue ice to make a kind of purple when it wet the pen lines”