Session 2: 5th March 2015


So much fun today, especially to be in on World Book Day which added another dimension and layer of excitement! We made huge leaps today inspired by our initial drawings, enlarging the scale and dimension of our seed pods and beginning to work in mixed media to create masses of wonderful surfaces and textures. We carefully selected thread, ribbon, pastel, glitter, tissue, fabric and feathers in order to mimic the drawn marks we had created through our much loved carbon method. We worked quickly and confidently, stimulated too by the very pleasing results the laminating process achieved in such a short space of time, creating sometimes unexpected but very beautiful marks. Our traced and beautifully cut shapes are layered and ready to be pieced together and re-laminated. They have a lovely light, aerodynamic quality about them. We were so engrossed we continued into the afternoon after Fiona had left and we’re more than ready to move on with more tests.

“I loved putting all the different stuff into the pouches, especially the glitter!”

“The laminator was like a cooker!”

“The morning went so fast….I can’t wait for the next session. My favourite part was cutting out the parts of our wings!”