Session 2: 5th March 2015


Another great session full of energy and excitement as we’re focusing now on our views and generating surfaces to use as collaged elements. Our reference images have increased in size to almost A1, our view is much larger now, there’s much more detail to put in and observations and analysis to be made.  We’re experimenting with materials, creating textures that mimic and reflect the changing nature of our landscape, carefully selecting materials, paper, thread, feathers, fibres, to give us the broad range of marks we see, and creating palettes to work with in our groups. Part of our working process is to try and capture the changes we observe in the landscape beyond looking at the shifting quality of light – translucent, opaque, transparent – so that we can incorporate some of these observations into our pieces. We’re taking care to note down our discoveries as diaries as our writing may feature as part of our final artwork. The pieces should grow quite quickly next session as we build and layer up our final designs. There’s a real buzz and sense of teamwork, and fun.

“It was very creative and fun, I had never done anything like it before, I want to do it again!”

“I didn’t know you could use a laminator and make these interesting things”

“It was enjoyable and interesting, I really liked it because it was so creative”