Session 2: 4th March 2015


We looked at our little Habitat books that we have been drawing in since we last saw Shelley. They are starting to look really beautiful. Today we spent the session preparing and drawing large habitat pictures, first on paper and then onto polyblock. It was quite a challenge thinking how to draw so big and making the decisions working in pairs. We will be printing them next week.

“Today I enjoyed myself a lot because we learnt more about habitats and what they look like.”

“I enjoyed today because we did art which is what I love the most. I also learnt new things”

“First we picked our partners. Then we chose our habitat and we chose to draw the ocean. We drew a lot of coral, three fish, a jellyfish and a killer whale. Then we drew it all onto the polyblock”

“We decided to draw the sky then changed our minds and decided to do a swamp. I drew a crocodile tail coming out of the water and my partner and I both drew the swamp parts together”