Session 2: 4th March 2015


Printmaking today was really interesting. We used the research that we have been working on to make our organ prints ready for illustrating the Organ Story next week!   It was really fun starting to plan our stories and make up the characters. Some people added more drawing to the skeleton and the large organ drawing. It’s a real a challenge to work big!

“I enjoyed today when we did the printing. I made a print of a kidney and I liked it when I printed it onto the front of my book. I enjoyed it very much and thank you for what you did with our class!”

“We used rollers to print the paint on to the paper. Before that we had to draw every organ from our Organ Story. We used ink to print onto the paper”

“I enjoyed it when I did of print of the lung”

“I had a very good morning when we did printing especially. I loved it! I have been writing my Organ Story as well”