Session 2: 26th February 2015


Another energetic session with some fabulous results. Our focus this week was on wax, again looking at colour and the changes that take place as its melted. We began by drawing out our first colour experiment, with varying proportions and combinations of colour. This really excited us as they were colours we favoured, and we very quickly generated a range of designs for our melted wax tablets. We carefully laid the graded – so much fun bashing crayons with a rolling pin! – sizes of wax crayons into the tins, crossed our fingers and waited as they were slowly “cooked” and heated in the oven. It happened far quicker than we predicted and the wax melted at a much lower temperature than we expected. The outcomes were interesting, in some cases really pleasing. Some of the high colour was lost, lots of darker tones achieved, and we learnt that wax is a far more difficult medium to control in its melted form. All together though they work beautifully and we’re quite happy! In the latter half of the morning we quickly prepared some colour wash tissue sheets with ink in preparation for our next session, as we hope to build a further wax piece for the exhibition. Can’t wait!

“We’ve made grey, I don’t know how that happened…I put white on it and it exploded. That looks sick!”

“I’ve made gold!  How did you do that Brendon?…By mixing yellow and black”

“I like this colour because they are all mixed in, it’s awesome!”

“I put lots of red on with a pipette, then black, then with a pipette I splattered some more black”