Session 2: 26th February 2015


We’ve been really busy since the last session with further research – sowing seeds, exploring germination processes, testing seeds in different conditions and learning some interesting plant facts. Our seeds are great. We move on now to the stems, focusing on our water and nutrient transporters and how they feed and nourish the leaves. We’re working with wet media, experimenting with different tools and marks, drawing water up the stems, white on black this time, it’s easier to see. There are some beautiful results and excitement too about the session ahead. We’re looking forward to constructing our seed heads, flowers and fruit and looking at the function of other parts of the plant.

“From drawing such a thick sunflower stem, we learnt that the stem has to be so thick to carry up water and nutrients to its large sunflower head!”

“In my drawing, the stem is carrying up lots of water and nutrients to the rest of the plant”

“There are lots of different sizes of stems”

“I have seen nibbed pens before but never drawn with them. I’ve never drawn with a stick before either!”