Session 2: 25th February 2015


During this session we focused on bulbs. We drew individually and collectively from a range of light bulbs. We worked from observation and from our imaginations. We used torches to cast shadows and created large scale pattern work. We used a range of water-based materials to create our imagery. In addition to the materials used in session one we used Indian Ink, Posca pens and willow sticks. It was all about experimentation and working together. Although it did get rather messy, it was great fun and we have started a range of exciting works which we will hopefully complete in the final session.

“Today’s session was extremely fun. When we were drawing the bulbs it was actually extremely challenging”

“We learnt that some light bulbs contain mercury vapor gas, which is illuminated by the flow of electricity”

“Working together on a large scale was challenging but fun”

“Blowing the Indian Ink was magnificently amazing”