Session 2: 24th February 2015


The session flew by. We started with individual continuous line drawing to get us warmed up and to generate some quick imagery. We then chose an image or motif from our drawing and transferred it onto cardboard. This was then cut out. Then the lights were turned out! Working in pairs using our cut-out shapes, a torch and a large square of cardboard, we drew the shadow shapes generated by the torch beam. We experimented with different distances between torch and shape and found that this changed the size of the shadow on the paper. We overlapped the images, spun the paper into different orientations and then drew some more. Many of the images we created initially looked like a jumble of lines, but as we worked into them with different materials the pictures started to come together. Faces, animals and other imagery appeared within the pictures, highlighted by the used of inks, pens and Posca markers.

“The white painting pens are great to work with, they really help bring the images to life”

“It was fun to see messy lines slowly turn into strong black and white drawings as we worked”