Session 2: 10th February 2015


When we came back to the classroom after lunchtime everything had changed. The tables and chairs had gone, and the whole room was covered in white paper. This was going to be the biggest drawing we had ever done! We used a projector to blow up some of the drawings we made in the first session to wall size and drew over them. We had to really stretch to reach some of the high bits, and some of us had to stand on a table. We then moved to the floor and painted in torchlight, exploring how different shapes cast shadows. We drew the shadows as the torch beams moved around the shapes to make crazy patterns. We used a variety of art materials to make portraits of each other in tones of grey, and worked with the spaces between our drawings to link them into one big image. Phew!

“Trying to hold the torch still while our partners drew the shadows was difficult, but the patterns we made were worth it”

“The kaleidoscope torches made great patterns and were fun to draw over”

“Children who were wearing stripy socks got to work on the big projected drawings first”