Session 1: 5th February 2015


At the start of this session we talked about states of matter, particles, solids and gasses, with a focus on water and ice. We were excited to learn that we would be painting with ice during the next session. But today was all about experimentation with different types of materials and different approaches to drawing. We made continuous line drawings and mirror drawings and worked collaboratively with our partners to explore making marks whilst creating unusual imagery. We had never used water with felt tip pens before and the effect was amazing – soft fuzzy lines and unexpected colours that seeped from the black ink in the pens. We were busy all lesson and created lots of exciting and fun pictures with a range of art materials.

“Using the water with the pens was fun. That was the best bit. It changed how the pictures looked. It added shadow and made them look really good”

“The continuous line drawing was tricky but I kept at it. I enjoyed drawing myself as an animal and liked trying different artist tools and paints. Using the candle wax and ink was fun as well, it was a cool effect”