Session 1: 5th February 2015


We’ve carefully selected and gathered some seeds in our quest to uncover some interesting facts about the characteristics and changes that take place in the life cycle of plants. We’ve started to look for differences between our seeds, carefully observing and capturing their individual characteristics through line drawing and monochrome studies. We’ve enlarged them using magnification to help us look for greater detail, and created carbon copies to achieve a variety of marks. This is just the beginning, our homework now is more research to help us uncover more information about our seed – its growing conditions, how it pollinates and who/what distributes our incredible edible or inedible seed to bring about the changes it needs to flourish and to change from seed to seedling to plant. It’s all very exciting, we’ve had a great afternoon and enjoyed watching some short BBC clips about germination and healthy plant growth, and discussing our findings as a group.

“There are light parts inside the seed…..I never realised that mustard came from a seed”

“I loved learning about the carbon paper and how you can copy from top to a bottom sheet”

“Dandelion seeds are tiny and much easier to see through a magnifying glass… tortoise eats them!”