Session 1: 5th February 2015


Wow, what a great start, so much fun! We began the session by splitting ourselves into three table groups for the experiments that lay ahead. We are Red, Yellow and Blue groups initially as we’re referencing the colour wheel as part of our investigations. We’ve carried out tests so far on absorbent and non-absorbent materials, both wet and dry, exploring ink, water, baking soda, vinegar, PVA and ice. We’ve carried out controlled experiments (as controlled as possible in our excitement!) with mobile and frozen states of water, charting our colour mixing studies and predictions and documenting them as we go. Some experiments went to plan, others didn’t, but our journey was one of excitement, discovery and surprise as the comments below suggest.

“The water is expanding onto the paper…the ink will dilute across the page on wet paper…it feels waxy”

“It’s gone like a rainbow colour and spread out…I can’t wait to use the vinegar, it sounds fun!”

“My prediction for the smallest dot was wrong – I put blotting paper but it was actually tracing paper”