Session 1: 5th February 2015


This morning we had a great time playing with torches and doing lots and lots of drawing. To start with the room was blacked out with black paper and all the windows were covered. It looked so different when we first came in. Then we talked about lights and the shadows they create. We sat on the floor in the dark and compared different kinds of lamps and torches. We noticed how each of them had a different type of light. We then worked in small groups to explore the dark classroom with only our torches. It was great fun! Then we got our hands on lots of art materials. We used pens, brushes, water, watercolour pencils and wax to make drawings on paper, again in the dark classroom using only torchlight. By the end of the lesson we had a gallery of nearly 100 pictures that looked really good!

“It’s making a flower!”

“If I move my torch away, the pattern is clearer”

“When I shine my light through my water bottle it makes different patterns on the ceiling”

“The shadows keep changing every time I move the torch”

“When you do it on something glass, it reflects”

“The shadow of the legs is longer when the light is lower”

“Today’s session was fab. Children and adults loved it!” Aneesa Rawat

“Brilliant! What a star Fabric Lenny is. Our children were totally engaged – awe and wonder in action. Can’t wait for next session!”   Hilary Towers-Islam