Session 1: 4th February 2015


Today we had an introductory lesson with artist Fabric Lenny. The Science topic we are looking at is Light. The session was all about experimentation and play. We tried out lots of new art materials and techniques, worked collaboratively, looked at examples of Fabric Lenny’s work, drew with continuous line, explored negative space image making (we called this ‘jigsaw drawing’), worked together on mirror drawings and finished off with ambidextrous and non-dominant hand drawing. It was so cool. There was a buzz in the room and everyone made some top work. We made lots of weird characters in black and white using wax and wash, Japanese brush pens, watercolour pencils and Berol pens. We really hope the next session is as good.

“Today was the best Art lesson I ever had. Fabric Lenny said my work was great, which made me very happy. I hope the next lesson will be as great as this one. I loved this lesson”   Abubakr

“At first I was not too keen to do this kind of project, but further into the lesson I got into it and have tried my best to make a good piece of work, and am happy about it”   Haider

“Today has been phenomenal! I have learnt a lot and its been really enjoyable. Fabric Lenny is a great role model. Today was AWESOME!”   Dangaal and Haroon

“I had a real good time. It was so exciting. We used different kinds of materials such as wax, felt pens, broad pens and water pens”   Ibrahim

“Today I have learnt that little things make a big difference”   Junaid