Session 1: 3rd February 2015


The aim for this introductory session was to give us an opportunity to experiment and play with different approaches to mark-making in a full-on and exciting way whilst also trying out new materials and working collaboratively.  For the first half of the session we worked in small groups, taking it in turns round a carousel of monochrome drawing activities in a blacked-out classroom lit with limited discreet light sources.  The activities included projected iPad drawing, ink and wash on paper, collage work using black sugar paper and OHP’s, continuous line drawings, and doodling with a set of Etch-a-Sketches.  We then used some of these image-making techniques to create a huge floor-based, whole-class collaborative drawing measuring 5m x 2m. We will be adding to in the remaining sessions and it will possibly feature in the final exhibition.

“I feel so lucky to be working with a real artist. Everything was so interesting but my favourite part was making different shapes with continuous line drawing and putting in light and dark areas with water”

“This is the best lesson ever. I have learnt so many different things and I got to draw with an iPad. We never would have done something like this”

“We drew portraits with a pencil on a long stick which we had to hold from far away and draw on paper on the wall. It made amazing hard and soft lines and marks. I loved this and will tie my pencil to a stick when I get home so I can draw like this all the time!”

“I enjoyed working in the dark and seeing all the shapes that the different bits of light make. The projectors are my favourite and I never knew you could make art like that”

“This has been so much fun! I loved doing something different like using the Etch-a-Sketch. I have never seen one before but they are amazing even though it is hard to draw with them”

“The group drawing at the end was so much fun. It was hard at first to draw from my imagination but I followed the shapes my friends made and it looked awesome!”