Session 1: 13th February 2015


We are looking at the changing habitat of the locality at Fieldhead and the birds that live there. We have started to make drawings of birds in our area. Today we used these to make small printed pictures and we also printed postcards. We discussed how birds adapt to the seasons and survive all the different environmental changes. We are going to post our postcards with messages on them to some other pupils who are also doing a Change project.

“I decided to draw an owl because it’s my favourite animal. An owl eats worms and berries. After we drew the bird we had to print it, and press it down hard for ages. We printed it onto the postcard as well”

“I think the printing was so exciting!”

“We all drew and printed different birds. I drew an eagle as well because it is the biggest bird of prey. But it won’t be in Fieldhead”