Session 1: 13th February 2015


We got off to a great start and had a really good time. There was so much energy and enthusiasm!   We are focussing on changes in our world through evolution. We have started to use the drawings of fossils from our project books to develop some printmaking. We made drawings into the polyblock to prepare for printing. The effects we achieved were very interesting, especially printing the grey ink onto black paper. After we had done our first prints we made a second one to use as a book cover. These turned out really good as well. The whole thing was fun and we learnt a lot.

“Today an artist called Shelley came to our class. We started a project based on fossils, dinosaurs and evolution. She showed us how we can print by hand. She also gave some ideas about how to use our pens for drawing”

“I very much liked working with Shelley and it really was fun. It was fun doing the ink printing and drawing the dinosaurs and fossils. I drew a really good fossil in my little book that I made. I learnt a lot”

“I am looking forward to doing more of this and I made a list of resources – pen, polyblock, roller, palette knife, printing ink, paper x 2, pen or pencil. I really enjoyed it!”

“I loved it when Shelley came! We printed our drawings. My second best thing is that when we were drawing things you can poke polka-dots everywhere. My third best thing is that I had fun!”