Session 1: 12th February 2015


We’re off to a flying start! We began our journey with some in-flight entertainment – BBC clips from The Secret Life of Plants on Seed Aviation, looking at seed producing plants that are designed to fly. Our investigations began by creating, observing and testing three quite different styles of paper constructs and exploring the differences between them – shape, dimension, and weight.  We noted in our three groups the changes we needed to make to them in order to help their flight. We’ve had so much fun testing them and recording our findings from a perfect launch pad in school. We’re begun to look more closely at our primary source – the maple seed – using magnification to help us focus in on features and characteristics, and we have begun to experiment with drawing and mark-marking techniques to illustrate our observations and fuel further investigations. It’s a great start, and we’re looking forward to uncovering more facts and secrets from our aerodynamic seed.

“It was fun – I really enjoyed using the old fashioned printer”
”I really enjoyed meeting the artist Fiona and flying the helicopters!”