Session 1: 12th February 2015


What a view…..fourteen different views in fact! We’ve established ourselves as ‘viewfinder’ pairs – binoculars we are, carefully looking and monitoring changes through our windows. We’ve selected and photographed our views, our inspiration, we’re facing east and observing our changing landscape – shifts in colour, clarity, changes throughout the day, and so on. We’ve started to monitor these already and diarise them using some fabulous visual language. We’re gathering information to fuel our experiments in the next sessions, by looking for translucent, opaque and transparent qualities around us.  We’ve written a lot already and enjoyed reading our diaries to each other. There’s a lot to scrutinise and think about, it’s all very exciting.

“The sky is white, it goes on forever, the sky is like it has been enchanted”

“The trees look like monsters in a fairy tale, the birds look like mini aeroplanes flying in the milky white sky”

“Plain like a desolate sky”