Session 1: 11th February 2015


We have started our Animals Including Humans project this week and have learnt a lot about the body and the organ functions already. It was really fun telling Shelley about everything we know so far.   It’s also been interesting today to look in detail at some parts of the body and draw them. We used special pencils. We made large drawings of parts of the skeleton and also the different organs. We then brought them all together as a group image. The whole thing was fun.

I drew the bone of the arm with shade, tone and detail”

“We all drew the different bones and then we put them together to make a skeleton. It was fun”

“I drew the kidneys and I drew them with blue, red and orange”

“I drew the eyes in pencil and colours. The function is that they help you look”

“I drew the heart, which is used for beeping blood around the body. If your heart is not working right you will die”