Science Fair 2019

Thank you to Batley Girls High School and Upper Batley High School for once again hosting the Science Fair!

Pupils from Healey; Batley Grammar Primary; Birstall; Field Lane; Hyrstmount; Warwick Road; Lydgate; and Carlton came together and experienced scientific wonderment!


My favourite activity was the one where miss kept shaking that solution. First it was purple and then it went a bit clear. The other miss wanted it clear so it was funny when miss kept shaking it.

We had a stick and we pressed a button and the ribbon floated!

It was about levitation, gravity, magic! Like Harry Potter

We did Sciencey magic

We’ve been playing and experimenting

If you didn’t have your goggles on all the vitamins would go in your eyes

We stepped back and it went pop! All over

We felt shocked, amazed, scared, excited – it was real life science

I am excited to go to high school because I like experimenting

They have real potions

You get to find out things that you don’t know

They were funny and they were experts. Very scientific

 I was so relaxed in the dome

I felt like I was actually in space

I didn’t know that Jupiter moves faster than the Earth. And I didn’t know how big it was

I was amazed 

My favourite planets were Earth and Neptune. It was so bright and there so was much ice and water on it