Purlwell I & N School ‘Willow’ 2020

Artist: Morwenna Catt | Cummins Engineer: Alice Bentley

Class Group: Year 2 ‘Willow’ |  Subject: Animals & Food Chains

Session 1 – January 2020

In our first session at Purlwell we spent the session rotating between exciting art and science experiments. We made things spin like turbos, change colour like magic and grow and shrink with heat!  We tried our hand at making abstract African sunsets with centrifugal spin paintings. We imagined we could see the shapes of different animals in the splooshy patterns made by the paint and glitter spinning and enjoyed making our paintings spin as fast as possible. We drew portraits on some balloons and saw how hot air made the balloon faces puff up and cold air and ice cubes made them shrink back down again. We created some amazing colour changing potions that smelt funny and fizzed and exploded. Finally we made some spinning pinwheel windmills decorated with lovely African patterns.

“my favourite thing was mixing colours because I was the only one who made indigo and it was the best.  I loved it because mine exploded lots and lots and lots of times.  The spinning sunset was awesome.” 

“I felt so happy when we did the African beautiful spinning wheel and my other favourite activity was to do the balloon” 

Session 2 & 3 – February 2020

This week we started making work that will be incorporated in our big piece of art in the gallery. We’re working on two pieces of art that will both incorporate things made by everybody. We started by prepping our own little wooden boards with sandpaper and paint. Then we all worked on our own silk resist paintings on embroidery hoops. There were lots of different processes. First we had to paint on a white resist – we tried to paint African patterns with a very small brush. We had to make sure that it soaked right through to the other side of the fabric. Once that had dried we had to drop silk paint very carefully into the spaces in between the lines of the resist. We used hot African colours like the ones in our turbo spin paintings. Then we started preparing some bamboo sticks with decoration. These will be used to help make a structure in the gallery.  First we coloured them with ink, this was very messy… then we added patterns, wrapped coloured wire onto them and finally squashed clay beads onto the sticks with our hands, making them more interesting by printing patterns into them.  We also made some hoops out of Willow and decorated them in the same way. While this was going on we took it in turns to go in small groups and wash out the resist from our silk hoops in buckets of warm water.    

and here are a few words from a few of the children:

“last week we did some very cool science experiments and we did some art.  I was very excited and when we did I just loved it!  My favourite thing was the science because it was actually real, amazing magic.  I liked the art because I am an artist.  I was so happy and the ladies were very nice.  Today it was even better because we got to do lots more art.” 

“I feel so happy because we are doing fun things.  My favourite thing is when we painted. We did paint the silk hoop and last week we did some very smelly potions.  There was a tears potion and an earwig potion.  I love art and science!” 

“I felt so happy because we did potions. My favourite parts were potions and colouring the silk.  We did some balloons – if you put the balloon in the hot it will go up and if you put it in the cold it will go down”

Session 4 & Parent Workshop – February 2020




























































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