Project:  Collaborative Mark-Making – Light Trails II
Participants:  Year 7 students
Partnering with:  BBEC
Artist:  Fabric Lenny
Science topic:  Light

Using the theme of Light as a starting point we will explore the relationship between objects and shadows through a series of collaborative and playful drawing activities which will transform the classroom environment into a mini art lab. We’ll be working collaboratively as we experiment with a variety of art materials, light sources, projectors, and iPads to explore the relationship between light and shadow, black and white and positive and negative. Throughout the project we will collectively explore a variety of traditional drawing techniques whilst seeking out interesting ways of making marks, rendering shapes and creating patterns using light and shadow. Our project will mirror the project at Batley Girls’ High School, so that we have opportunities to share and compare our creative journeys and see the different results that emerge from similar creative processes.