Park Road J, I & N School 2020

Artist: Candida Wood | Cummins Engineer: Matt Olivero

Class Group: Year 5 |  Subject: Forces & Magnets

Session 1 – February 2020

Hands on session with paints, magnets and iron filings! A successful, messy, creative day had by all! It was so great to have our Engineer Matt helping to reinforce the workshop. 

it’s like a vacuum cleaner trying to suck the iron filings away

I’ve got magnets at home, I never thought of doing this with them

Session 2 – March 2020

The children managed to make their own swinging magnet to help move their wire flowers… 

Well done year 5 🌼 

it’s like drawing but with a wire

the magnet looks like it’s blowing my flower


Session 3 – March 2020

Super sunflowers by year 5 today, ready for their magnetic movement installation…

this wire is thicker than last week, is the magnet going to be strong enough?