Mill Lane Primary – Feedback


The museum was brilliant and my mum and dad are going to take me again in the next school holiday.

“It was really fun and I want to go again!”

“The warehouse was amazing, I loved going underground!”

“I loved the power room it had different smells and noises.”

“I liked the old fashioned planes, they were huge!!”

“I liked seeing the inside of planes and trains.”

“I loved the experiment room because there were so many different things to do.”

“The shop at the museum was brilliant.”

“The warehouse was brilliant because we learned how people lived in the past even about old toilets!”

“The air hall was ace – I didn’t want to leave but we ran out of time!”

“I liked the air hall because the engines of the planes were so big.”

“I learned loads on this trip especially about science in the experiment room.”

“I loved getting my hands wet on the friction ball – I didn’t realise the water made it so light.”

“I found that different length tubes make different sounds.”

“I enjoyed winding the wheel to make the car move up and then down.”