Lydgate J & I School 2020

Artist: Ruth Fettis | Cummins Engineer: Jennifer Hirst

Class Group: Year 3 |  Subject: Light & Plants

Session 1 – March 2020

The workshop started with Jennifer (Cummins Engineer) and myself (Ruth Fettis – Artist) introducing ourselves. Jennifer is an ex pupil of Lydgate which makes her an outstanding role model. She talked to the children about her work as an environmental engineer, including how it relates to waste and recycling. I gave out different resources, interesting illustrations and photographs of plants, leaves and tiny ‘lanterns ‘grown from a plant I am growing.  Each child began by doing an observational drawing in their class sketchbook from these resources. Their drawings were excellent and they really enjoyed doing them. They were excited by some of the images of strange looking plants I took in, making comments like: Is this really a plant?! Look at this one, this is very strange. Look at these roots! 
When the children had finished their drawing they all planted a seed. I took in broad beans, marrow, dwarf sun flower and nasturtiums. Over the next 4 visits we will monitor and draw the growth of the seeds, at the moment they are in seed pots. Jennifer is bringing in recycled plastic pots from Cummins, we will transfer them into the pots in order to hang from our mobile structure, being made by Cummins. 
The children loved planting their own seed, they all asked if they could take them home. 
I showed them a table I had made, which related to plants and another piece of work about plants and recycling. They each wrote their name and the name of their plant in a stick and put it in the soil. 

































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