Lydgate 2019

Artist: Fiona Goodwin | Cummins Engineer: Donna Skeldon 

Class Group: Year 3 |  Subject: Sound

Session 1 – February 2019

Wow, what an amazing start and what a buzz…….literally!

The tone is set by our Cummins buddy Donna as she introduces us to a whole new world of engineering through rotating, vibrating and moving mechanical parts….so many questions answered, so many more to go.

We link into our sound project excitedly testing vibration levels via an amp, some speakers together with some unusual drawing tools. We experiment and are able to manipulate the sounds through a tone generator. It enables us to visibly show and test the reaction and differences in our drawing between pure tones of any frequency, as we switch between sine, square, triangle or saw-tooth….so much fun!

“What was the biggest turbocharger used for, do you put the parts together?” – Pupil

“Do the sound waves change with the volume?” – Pupil

“I enjoyed listening to the music through the speaker and feeling the vibrations” – Pupil


Session 2 – February 2019

Now onto our second vibration experiment of the day, the whole class erupts with excitement as we begin working with our vibrating drawing machines in the form of a cup, some pens, a battery, a switch, a motor and a range of hoop sizes. We’re quickly able to see the difference in motion as we adjust the weighting and balance by adding magnets to the motor shaft. This changes the direction of movement and the types of mark that are created. We note too that some papers absorb the ink differently, that some pens puncture the surface and that different base papers allow the cups to move more freely, creating less resistance.

“I have learnt about what an engineer is. I loved the pen and battery drawing because the battery made the pens vibrate on the paper” – Pupil

“The battery and pen drawing was my favourite because it made my hands shake and I could feel the vibrations” – Pupil

“I liked drawing with the pens and battery motors because I saw lots of different patterns” – Pupil


Session 3 – March 2019




















Family Workshop – 12th June 2019

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