Kinetic and Light Sculpture with Jim Bond

Batley Girls’ High     Batley Grammar secondary   Batley Grammar primary     Park Road JI&N

Jim is an experienced sculptor who specialises in designing and building kinetic sculptures and light sculptures. He has also created some very clever drawing machines! He has been commissioned to work on many projects where his specialist skills have been used to make amazing technical things – for example projects with theatre companies who need unusual props or special effects, and a recent light sculpture project for Leeds Light Night. Since 1992 Jim has exhibited his own sculptural work in dozens of exhibitions, in London and around England and further afield in places such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest and Venice.

Jim works regularly as a lecturer and workshop leader, sometimes working with students on big sculptural projects – he recently built a 5 metre tall wind sculpture with art & engineering students. He likes to encourage young people to stretch their technical thinking and knowledge. The kinds of workshops he runs in schools include building machines that use mechanisms, cogs and pulleys to create movement; exploring simple electrical circuits; and constructing battery-operated, moving toys. Jim is also interested in using light as a ‘material’ with which to create sculpture and artwork.

So Jim’s skills combine art, sculpture, technology and engineering, and he is passionate about bringing art and creativity into the teaching of science and technology. This all made him a perfect choice to join the Change team and work with four groups who opted to focus on Light and Forces topics.