Hyrstmount 2019

Artist: Jackie Harrowsmith | Cummins Engineer: Abdul Ishaq 

Class Group: Year 4 |  Subject: Sound

Session 1 & 2– March 2019

During our first workshop, we had a brand new experience of working with fused glass. We first looked at how we can “see” sound using cymatics, and then we looked at some examples of the final piece we would be working towards. After that, we got to work! We used a variety of coloured frit to create beautiful Islamic and cymatic inspired tiles, which are themed on our house team colours. It was tricky and detailed work, but as you can see they look fantastic! We learnt about our Cummings buddy, Abdul and our artist, Jackie. We were very impressed by the work they did! 

I enjoyed being able to use different tools to make my work detailed, we had to wear safety goggles – our number 1 piece of kit! 

I liked working with multi-coloured glass because I got to use lots of colours 

The tiles are all Islamic designs, and they’re special because they use mathematical shapes and symmetry. 

Wow!!! The water is moving in patterns – it’s like a flower, like our designs! 




Session 3 – March 2019

We started our session by listening to a fantastic piece from Holt (The Planets). We discussed how shapes and lines can be created by the movements and style of music. Mars, Bringer of War was very different to Venus! After this, we had our own opportunity to create pieces based on the other planets. We used a range of collage materials and black biros to create the lines.

We quickly moved on to our next exciting activity using frit. Using larger pieces of glass, we started to apply our frit using our Kandinsky inspired collages underneath. We had improved our technique since our last workshop and were able to work quickly yet carefully.

‘I enjoyed smudging my chalk and creating different patterns.’

‘When I heard a louder noise, I made different sized circles. I created this zig-zag pattern when the notes went up or down.’

‘Some of the music was calm, and it reminded me of the sea, so I created this wave pattern in blue.’

Session 4 – April 2019

This was our final workshop with Jackie. We looked at our amazing fused glass pieces from the last workshop and discovered that each of our individual pieces had been fused together to create five large geometric shapes – circle, semi-circle, square, triangle and rectangle. From each of these shapes our glass chimes will dangle and clink together to create a variety of sounds.

In this final workshop we needed to work collaboratively and swiftly. We had a lot to do to make sure that enough glass chimes were made for our group pieces. We took it in turns to add more detail and texture to our group glass, by applying more layers of frit and stringer to certain areas. This will be tack fused so that it has a rough textured surface rather than completely smooth. 

I cant wait to see it altogether

When there is a breeze, it will make a noise and catch the light

I like using the stringer to make straight lines, they look good on top of the striker frit

‘Our circle is fabulous! The hole in the middle is strange but I think it looks good – we should keep it