Final comments from staff


Children have developed skills in drawing and printmaking which they would not normally have had the opportunity to do in this way. The artist brought new ideas and methods of working which we wouldn’t normally have used. Children found the visual aspect of evolution exciting and inspirational and the images they looked at and created themselves deepened their interest and knowledge of the subject. We have also gathered ideas for future art/science links to¬†enrich our children’s learning.

Some children have definitely increased in confidence in their creative thinking skills and the project revealed certain children as having definite artistic abilities and a real enjoyment of the subject. The individual books that the children produced became quite personal to each child and enabled them to develop their own visual ideas and styles.

The children enjoyed the opportunity of working with a ‘real’ artist and are very proud of what they have achieved. They have already shared their work with the rest of the school in an assembly.

Lee Miller and Gail Hallas