Final comments from staff


Children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Fabric Lenny. We have got lots out of it, both creatively and scientifically. Children have picked up lots of different creative skills and are still experimenting and practicing these techniques. They loved Fabric Lenny’s mark making style and loved using new creative mediums such as water, felt pens and wax.

One of the main benefits from these sessions was that children got to experience working in a completely dark room (something we have never done!). There was a sense of awe and wonder and children were completely engaged in their learning. They realised that art isn’t just drawing something that is in front of them, they can create all sorts of different patterns from shapes, shadows and lines.

When we visited the exhibition, I opened the doors to the exhibition and you could hear a chorus of ‘WOW’s!’ The children were just amazed to see everyone’s work on display but especially loved seeing their own work. All the staff who visited loved the exhibition. Some of the comments they made: ‘There’s just so many lovely things to look at’; ‘All the work is just amazing, such high quality outcomes’; ‘Wow! It’s so lovely seeing all the amazing artwork on display!’ ‘There was such a lovely range to look at and it was lovely to see work from children of different ages. I came out with lots of ideas!’

Aneesa Rawat