Field Lane School 2020

Poet: Simon Widdop | Cummins Engineer: Havovy Cama

Class Group: Year 4 |  Subject: Light & Shadows


Sessions 1 & 2 – February 2020

Today, all the students of Miss Motara’s Year 4 absolutely hit the ground running. At the start of the day Havovy and myself introduced  ourselves and explained our respective backgrounds. The students were asked what they knew about lights and shadows already and started to build a word bank. We then began to demonstrate some basic theory around primary and secondary light sources and how shadows form. In the afternoon we then separated into four experiments, each one covering an aspect of light (reflective surfaces, Translucent vs Transparent vs Opaque) and shadows (size of shadows, position of lightsource). The students were extremely enthusiastic throughout the day and responded positively at the end of the day. Roll on Wednesday!

We learned new words by looking at different objects

Really fun altogether

We learned about the moon and how we see it

I’m really looking forward for the poem to be going into Batley Art Gallery

Proper fun activities 

Sessions 3 & 4 – February 2020

The students started the day by briefly recapping the experiments and words that we learned on Monday. From here, the class split into four groups again and rotated round four further experiments: 

1) Creating foil shadows – creating shapes from foil and then tracing the shadows 

2) Creating Shadow Puppets – creating shapes from card and projecting them onto a sheet, seeing how shadows get bigger and smaller. 

3) Blackout Room – Students experimented with torches to see how light reacts with different surfaces and materials. 

4) Word Bank Building - Students were guided through different words related to lights, shadows and different light sources 

In the afternoon, students returned to their four groups to begin writing a group poem. At the start of the session, we recapped different poetry techniques and uses of grammar as well as the words they’d built through the workshops. From here, they worked in their teams to write at least 4 lines of poetry on the subject of light and shadows. Once completed, I performed a poem to give them an example of how reading can become  a performance. After a full class warm-up, each group then performed their poem to the rest of the class and we built it into a rough collected poem. 

it was a really creative workshop

it was cool to make shadows

I feel really proud of myself for writing the poem 

I liked reading it out to everyone

The teamwork was really good

Other classes would enjoy this too

Parent Session – February 2020

We started the morning with introductions from myself and Havovy, who then led the parents through the presentation that she showed the students on Monday. From there, students whose parent were there joined us to create foil shadows. They did this in partnership with their parents, demonstrating how shadows can be made longer and shorter etc. After a quick break, I then led the parents and students into writing group and individual poems, recalling the words and phrases we learnt from through the week. Afterwards, I led a vocal warm-up session with the students to demonstrate to their parents and each student then read out their poem to the whole group. 

feedback from Parents: 

This whole week has been incredible for my son. He’s been talking about it non-stop all week and I love how engaged he was today

The way you switched between talking to us and talking with the kids was inspiring. The tone and pitch was so warm and inviting. My daughter has loved these sessions




































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