Field Lane 2019

Artist: Ammie Flexen | Cummins Engineer: Nathan O’Grady 

Class Group: Year 4 |  Subject: States of Matter & Sound

Session 1 & 2 – February 2019

In our first session we investigated sounds in different ways based on science, art and emotions. Nathan, our buddy from Cummins brought an amp that allowed us to change sound frequencies and watch sound vibrations change patterns sand. We explored the effect sound has on our mood and tested out the sound of water to see if we could create relaxing sounds by pouring, splashing and problem solving with different materials. We used objects and instruments to explore different types of soundscapes. We spent the day exploring different sounds and soundwave patters and had our first introduction to working with clay.

We tried to make different sounds and decide which ones are calm and which ones are not:

Pouring water on the umbrella was calm

I liked pouring water on the slide

I liked the watering can

We all liked different things  

Miss this is team work because we have to work together

I love getting wet!

If you pour slowly it will trickle down like little patterns of rain but if you go fast it’s like a flood

I poured lots of water down the slide and it was like a cartoon river

The water makes different patterns on metal and wood

I liked the clay, it was very arty

I felt so relaxed (clay)

I made loads of different patterns

Teacher: Was it art or science?

It was Art! Science! (Children begin to debate) children joined up the two subjects to make a new subject: Artience, Sci-art

It was a bit noisy

I’ve never really thought about sound before

I was shocked because I didn’t know that sound is art

I never knew that vibrations could make patterns

When you scraped the block the bottom part gave vibrations to the sand and that’s how the sand moves around


We could hear the sound and see it

We could see it vibrating. Normally you don’t see sound vibrating

I felt like a scientist

There were things that I didn’t know and I found them out

That’s what scientists do – they find out stuff

I never knew that you could be an artist with clay. I thought art was just drawing. I’ve realised you could do different stuff to be an artist

Im starting an art gallery at home, not just drawing or painting. We’ll be using mosaic, clay and other arty things

For the sand you could actually use tools and get your hands messy

We love being messy!

Sessions 3 – March 2019

Today we explored the visual effects that sounds can create and our emotions and how we feel when we listen to certain sounds.  Nathan, our buddy from Cummins, helped us to understand how the wave patterns showed on the computer and we began to predict the kinds of sounds that we would hear by what we could see. We used our pure imaginations to draw our own impression of the soundscapes we recorded in session 1, some were screechy, some were calm. We listened to music and worked with charcoal to do reverse drawings with rubbers to create wave patterns. In the afternoon we worked with clay to create wave patterns in the clay and tried some different techniques in clay to make patterns responding to clay. We learned about abstract art and making art based on how sounds made us feel.

Listening to sounds
Sounds like a screeching cat! 
I like the first sound 
That’s much better 
I like the sound of balls rolling for the water fountain because it sounds like waves 
Oooh look! (The video)
It makes a criss cross pattern 
Miss I made a piece of artwork from sound waves! 
This reminds me of the ocean 
I like the one with the water balls 
It makes a rustling noise 
Sharp … but now it’s more calming 
It’s like a nose – it looks like a nose 
It’s very creative – you can use your imagination 
Charcoal activity: 
Look at my hand! 
Oh my – what a mess 
I’m really enjoying this 
You can be creative when you stretch out 
It’s amazing how we communicated through eye contact 
Two artworks make one big artwork 
If someone’s got the same idea, they’re being inspired
Designing process: 
The water is slow, making it calm 
I want to make people feel calm 
The water will run over the pebbles 
I’m writing a poem to make people feel peaceful 
A hidden poem will help with calmness 
The water will run smoothly 
OOh I want that one! 
they bond 



Sessions 4 – April 2019

Clay work
If you’re sad or angry you can play with clay. It makes me feel better  
The brown clay is ‘texturey’
I like the white clay better
The texture is stretchy and squishy
I used the brown clay to spell Allah
My sound wave says Allah 
This feels so natural 
Do clay people have to be strong? 
Mine has texture like cobbles 
Don’t leave holes! If it leaks it’s not very mindful 
It looks like a masterpiece 
Miss – he did it wrong but it turned out better 
This clay has sand in that makes it stronger 
Fish soundwave 
I’m stabbing the fish! 
Working together is fun 
The closer you put the fish, the faster the pattern 
It’s gone table shaped! 
Mine looks like a catfish 
That was scary
It’s calming (to lay on the on the floor) except when they fall on me! 
I feel dizzy (staring at the sound wave) 
I want to eat it 
WOAH it came off!