Change 2014 Exhibition

Batley Art Gallery

Saturday 14th June to Saturday 30th August

See images from the exhibition and visitors’ comments here

The exhibition is the culmination of several months’ work involving 11 schools and 5 adult groups from the Batley and Birstall area. We’re thrilled to see the wonderful artwork that has been created by over 300 young people and adults all coming together in the Gallery. We hope you will take the chance to come along and enjoy it too. Here’s a bit of background to the project.

The Change Project – a collaboration between Mosaic, Batley Girls’ High School and other schools in Batley and Birstall – first took place in 2012 and had another very successful year in 2013.

For 2014 we introduced three new options for groups to choose from – 3D Textiles, Printmaking and Digital Art.  Click on each of those three titles at the top of this page for more information about each of the options. Schools were excited not only about the creative possibilities but also about the opportunities to link these arts activities to Literacy and Numeracy skills, which we made a stronger feature of the project this year.

The schools and adult groups involved this year were guided through their creative exploration of the ‘change’ theme by a fantastic team of artists – Lucy Bergman, Shelley Burgoyne, Fiona Goodwin and Amanda Howes.

Each group undertook a short project with their allotted artist between February and May, and planned and produced a group artwork for the final exhibition.

For inspiration, all the schools groups went on a visit to Cartwright Hall art gallery in Bradford before starting their projects – have a look at the Gallery Visits page for a flavour of what they did and how much enjoyment and learning they got from the experience.

To encourage exchanges and new connections between young people who perhaps wouldn’t normally meet, every school group was partnered up with a group in another school. They went to Cartwright Hall in their pairs, and have taken opportunities throughout the project to keep in touch and share the creative work they have been doing.

‘Change’ lends itself to a rich variety of interpretations, as you’ll see when you browse the individual project pages. There have been many different takes on the theme and our groups have all followed quite different journeys to arrive at their final artworks. They and the artists have regularly added updates and feedback to the individual project pages. You can enjoy their stories, photos and comments by clicking on each of the school/group names, which are listed at the top right of this page and also on the 3D Textiles, Printmaking and Digital Art pages.

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