Mixed Media

Mixed Media with Fiona Goodwin

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Fiona’s passion for visual arts and crafts was ignited whilst studying Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University in the 1980’s, when she discovered the endless possibilities of textiles and mixed media. Nowadays she works as a freelance artist, teacher and costume designer, and has worked on many community and educational projects, including Change in 2012 and 2013.

Fiona has been really enthusiastic about the science angles in this year’s project and the topics she worked with – States of Matter, Forces, Plant Life Cycles, and Materials and Properties – not least because they allowed her to place lots of emphasis on ‘experimenting’ and ‘discovering’. Using a variety of techniques and materials (as ‘Mixed Media’ suggests), her groups conducted scientific experiments, made observational drawings, documented their findings – just like real scientists, but with a special creative twist that got some amazing and unexpected results!